Vinegar Manufactory

An experience for all senses

A visit to the "Genussmanufaktur" - our gourmet manufactory - is a true adventure for all senses. As soon as you step into our unique Mediterranean garden, you will be welcomed by a multitude of delicious scents and impressions. In the tasting room you will be able to consciously experience all facets of pleasure by seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting.

Vinegar Manufactory Walcher
Zona Produttiva Ganda 4
39052 Caldaro (BZ)
Alto Adige - Italia

(Guided tours are still available upon reservation by phone.)

We invest all our passion in keeping the fruit flavours created by nature alive. Since nine generations.

The family and the terroir

For over nine generations, the Walcher family has been producing and processing agricultural products at the Turmbachhof in Eppan, built around 1190 and formerly the residence of the court clerk. Originally, these products were sourced from the cultivation of the farm's own land. In fact, the Walcher family has always been producing wine from grapes grown on the family estate at the Turmbachhof. Particular care was invested in the cultivation of a vinegar mother kept in porphyric stone, which conferred a special vitality to the family's own vinegar.

In 1966, Alfons Walcher eventually established a distillery at the Turmbachhof, whose products are now being successfully sold and enjoyed across 5 continents.

Driven by their commitment to preserving the tradition of good taste and following their passion, in 2017 the Walcher brothers decided to establish their own gourmet manufactory for food specialties in Caldaro. The aim of the new product area is to revive old recipes with new technologies and convey the authentic taste of the southern part of South Tyrol. To achieve this goal, the family relies primarily on organically grown raw materials and gentle processing, avoiding any additives.

An experience for all senses

In our vinegar factory we mainly process raw materials from the region, most of them are sourced from certified organic farming. In order to preserve the intense aromas and precious trace elements of our high-quality and sun-ripened raw materials we process them naturally, with particular care and attention according to traditional methods, using artisanal processes and the utmost precision. This is how our natural specialties of exceptional quality are crafted.

We proudly state, that we know

how to reflect the diversity of our

unique landscape in the taste of our delicacies.

Noble acidity enlightens the cuisine

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